What is self-destruct mode?

Self-destruct mode enables you to send ECS messages whose content automatically disappears a specified number of seconds after the recipient has read it; for this reason, such messages are often referred to as ephemeral messages. If the message is sent to several recipients, each recipient will have access to the content for the specified time period only (currently, between one and ten seconds). After that, the message may be reread by the sender only; others who try to read a self-destruct message a second time will only see an error message indicating they do not have permission to view the message.

Any ECS message may be sent in self-destruct mode and may include one or more attachments of any type. Attachments, like the message body, are accessible by recipients only for the specified time period, but, unlike the message body, the attachment may be viewed for an indefinite period and may be saved by the recipient for viewing later. Due to the inability of non-Android mail clients to prevent screen captures, thus rendering ephemeral messaging ineffective, ephemeral messaging is available only for ChiaraMail for Android.

Here are some of the main features of self-destruct message support in ChiaraMail for Android:

  • Creation, sending and reading of ephemeral messages
  • Display ECS messages for a sender-specified period of time only
  • Optional deletion of message content by the sender
  • Prevention of screen capture of self-destruct messages by recipients
  • Inline and attached images and videos supported
  • One or more photos or other images may be included in a single ECS message
  • Choice of camera and special effects when taking snapshots (we love Camera MX for its great special effects).
  • High level of security and privacy of all ECS messages
How to Use