Android Installation Guide

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Account setup of ChiaraMail for Android is very straightforward:

Step 1

The first time you run ChiaraMail for Android, a splash screen similar to the following is displayed:

Step 2

Pressing the button marked Continue takes you to a screen where you specify the e-mail account to be configured:

Enter the e-mail address and mail password for the account you are configuring.

After you enter your e-mail address and password, press either the Manual setup button or Next. For certain mail providers, including Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail, e-mail parameters are well known so that the setup process can be automated, making the “Next” option is easiest to use; in this case, skip to Step 6 in these instructions. However, if you wish to specify them yourself, press “Manual setup”. The next three steps of this section will show you the screens that are displayed if you take this second option.

Step 3

Press the button corresponding to the incoming server type:

A screen similar to the following, resulting from selecting “IMAP”, will be displayed:

Step 4

Specify your inbound (IMAP) server settings:

Press Next to check your settings and continue to the next screen.

Step 5

Specify your outbound (SMTP) server settings. Press Next to check your settings and continue to the next screen.

Step 6

If you correctly configured your e-mail credentials (e-mail address and password) earlier, your content server password field will have been filled in for you; if not, it will be done later on after you have updated your account settings with the correct credentials:

Note that the content server name and port number fields have already been filled in for you. Also, at the time you compose a message, you may choose to change any of the following default settings.

Selecting the Send as ECS checkbox will cause messages to be sent using ECS.

The Encrypt content checkbox determines if your ECS content should be encrypted before being sent to the content server. ChiaraMail for Android uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure your mail content on the content server (note that encryption is not needed if you wish to secure your content in transit).

If you select the Include content checkbox, the message content will be sent through the mail system along with the headers (normally, only place holders are included when sending ECS messages). When sending to a number of recipients, some of whom are using ECS-enabled mail clients and others who do not, selecting this option ensures that all recipients will be able to read your message.

The Allow forwarding checkbox controls whether an ECS message that you send may be forwarded by the recipient(s). Select this box to allow message forwarding.

By selecting the Self-destruct mode checkbox, messages you send will be visible to your recipients only for the specified duration, currently between one and ten seconds. Ephemeral messaging, as it’s sometimes called, is a great way to communicate when you don’t want your messages to haunt you later on.

NB: If this address is already registered with ChiaraMail, you will need to manually copy and paste the content server password from the original mail client settings to the Content server password field above.

Step 7

Next, a screen is displayed telling you how to invite your contacts to participate in ECS messaging:

When you select the Invite contacts menu item, you may select which people from your contact list invitation messages are sent to. You may preview the invitation text and change it or the recipients before dispatching the invitations.

Step 8

After you leave the invitation screen, you will be presented with the following:

These options are fairly self-explanatory; change them according to your taste and press Next to continue.

Step 9

Finally, you will be given the chance to set the display name of the account, as well as your personal name when sending e-mail:

When finished, press Done to complete your configuration and display the mail accounts list:


Step 10

This concludes account setup.