Sending an Ephemeral (self-destruct) Message

Sending an ephemeral message is very easy:

1. From the account list or within a specific e-mail account, open the compose window:

accounts_pg_compose or msg_list_compose


2. If not already set in your settings, select the Self-destruct mode check box and optionally choose the display duration from the dropdown list:


3. Compose your message by adding any text you wish.

4. Take one or more photos or select some images that you already have in storage; they will be added to the preview window at the end of your message:

take_picture or

select_img_1 and


Pressing the delete_icon button will cause the last image in the preview window to be deleted.

5. Specify your recipients (please note: in order to view your message, your recipients must be using ChiaraMail for Android).

6. Press the send_icon button to deliver your message.


Can I change an ephemeral message after I’ve sent it?

Yes, but if you want to change the images, you’ll have to use one of the ECS-enabled desktop clients mentioned above. Here’s how you would go about doing it (in our example, we’re using the Thunderbird mail client):

Here’s some text and an image (notice that we’re in the sender’s Sent folder). To change either the text or the image, or both, do the following (only the sender of the message can make changes):



1. First, wait until the timeout expires, so you have a blank message window.



2. Now add the new text (if any).


    1. Next, drag and drop the new image(s) into the window.


3. Finally. press the Update Content button, above, to make your changes visible to your recipients. Anyone who hasn’t already viewed the old message will see the new one instead. Had you not sent the message in self-destruct mode, all your recipients would see the changes you made.

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