Reading Messages

After you’ve created one or more e-mail accounts, you’ll see a screen something like what was displayed at the end of the Account setup section, above. When you select one of the accounts, the contents of the Inbox for that account will be displayed:


Note that some of the message senders are highlighted in magenta and the subjects in green. This indicates, respectively, that the sender of that message is ECS-enabled, meaning that he/she is able to send and view ECS messages, while the green highlighting of the subject tells you that the message has been sent using ECS. Both of these bits of information are important, but for different reasons: the sender color indicates who you may send an ECS message to and expect that person will be able to read your message, while the message color tells you that ECS has authenticated the sender and you can be confident that the sender is who it claims to be.

To read one of the messages, simply select it:


Instead of the above, you may see something like the following:


In the above example, user has misconfigured his ECS settings on the mail client he is using and therefore sees the default message.

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