Managing Content Servers

Content service is provided by ChiaraMail but may also be available from third-parties, such as your bank. To further protect you from spoofing attacks, ChiaraMail requires you to configure your ECS-enabled mail clients, including ChiaraMail for Android, before it will allow communication between your mail client and private content servers. This simple procedure is described as follows:

  1. From within a mail account, press the Menu button and then select Manage content servers:manage_content_servers_1
  2. A screen similar to the following will be displayed:manage_content_servers_2To add a private content server, press the Add… button. The following screen will appear:manage_content_servers_3In the Content server name, Content server password and Content server port text areas, enter the data provided by the company who will be hosting their content. If they have asked that you select specific check boxes, such as Encrypt content, do so at this time.Finally, select a name for your configuration and enter it in the Configuration name field. This can be any name you choose. When you are done, press the button at the bottom of the screen labeled Create.
  3. To edit a configuration, first choose the configuration to be edited by opening the dropdown menu for the configuration names and select the configuration name from the list:manage_content_servers_4Next, press the Edit… button. A screen similar to the following should appear:manage_content_servers_5At this point, you may change any of the configuration parameters. When you are finished, press the Save button.
  4. To delete a content server configuration, simply select the configuration from the dropdown menu and press the button labeled Remove. This will cause the selected configuration data to be deleted and the configuration name to be removed from the list.
  5. When you register an e-mail account with ChiaraMail, the ChiaraMail content server automatically becomes your “default” content server when sending ECS messages. To enable sending ECS messages from a different content server, select a configuration from the dropdown menu and press the Set Default button. The name of the configuration will have the text (Default) appended to it and from now on and the content for any ECS message you send will be stored on the named content server. Please note that before being able to store your content on a private content server, you will need authorization from the content server owner.
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